Field Farmer School: crop rotation in the eastern regions of the Ukrainian steppe

Подія відбудеться: 16.05.2019

The second training of FAO Field Farmer School on Crop rotation in the eastern regions of the Ukrainian steppe will be held in Kharkiv Oblast on May 16. The training is aimed at decision makers regarding crop rotations technologies in the steppe and forest-steppe zones: farm managers, agronomists, farmers, as well as teachers, scientists, and local authorities representatives.

Theoretical part:

  1. Problems of the soil compaction and soil wind erosion, methods to addresses it.
  2. No-till farming system. 
  3. Cultivation of legumes in arid conditions.
  4. Crop rotation in semi-arid Step zone. Experience of “Yugrun” Ltd.

Practical part:

Yugrun” Ltd. (Kharkiv Oblast, Izyum district)

  1. Overview of machine-park equipment:
  • Harrow for vertical cultivation Salford;
  • Seeder Klen-6 (full seed);
  • Seeder Kinze 3000 (wide-range);
  • Sprayer and stock solution preparation.
  1. Field activity:
  • Demonstration of vertical tillage unit Salford;
  • Review winter wheat of different varieties;
  • Browse field under chick pea and lentil;
  • Browse field under flax;
  • Planting Sunflower Seeds;
  • Comparing stocks moisture under different cultivation technologies in soil layer height of 1 meter;
  • The study of wind erosion and shelterbelts contribution to the preservation of soil and crop protection. Methods of combating wind and water erosion;
  • Measuring the soil density.

Registration for the training is open till May 10 via or +38 068 898 38 45, +38 066 568 03 18 ( contact person Oleksandr Zhuravel, FAO Field Officer), +38 098 273 32 46 (Yuliia Kisilova, Project Assistant).

Establishment of the Farmer Field School is an integral component of the project “Integrated Natural Resources Management in Degraded Landscapes in the Forest-Steppe and Steppe Zones of Ukraine”, implemented by the team of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with the financial support of the Global Environment Facility (GEF).