Goal 1. No poverty

Goal 1 “No poverty” and Goal 8 “Decent work and economic growth”  are interdependent since Ukraine is among the countries with the lowest per capita income and has a high percentage of unemployment. Achieving the goal of shaping the labor market and creating the environment for economic growth is a prerequisite for tackling poverty.

Desertification as a Poverty Factor. Achieving zero net land degradation will ensure sustainable development of agriculture in the steppe and forest-steppe zone of Ukraine and will prevent the mass migration of the rural population.

Employment as a factor of economic growth. The development of cost-effective value-added chains will enable people in agricultural areas to obtain decent wages, increase self-employment, and thereby improve their standard of living. The project will support the following areas:

  • alternative energy in shelterbelts;
  • walnut cultivation and horticulture;
  • beekeeping;
  • rest and recreation.