Goal 2. Zero hunger

Goal 2 “Zero hunger” is to improve gross output, supply stability, and to promote balanced nutrition.

Gross output of agricultural products will significantly improve with the use of resource-saving approaches. Achieving zero net land degradation will enable the current level of productivity of agricultural land to be maintainedand will also significantly increase the yield of lands by applying breeding. Improved nutrition and plant protection systems will have a positive effect on the increase in the gross harvest of major agricultural crops.

Supply stability. The application of the newest agrarian technologies adapted to climate change will ensure and guarantee the stability of the supply of agricultural products, and the immutability of prices in the medium and long term.

Balanced nutrition. The development of shelterbelts, walnut cultivation and beekeeping, and the greater variety of crops, specifically legumes, will allow providing the population with more qualitative and diverse crops and positively affect the biodiversity of food in the diet.