Goal 3. Good health and well-being

Within the framework of the project, Goal 3 “Good health and well-being” is accomplished through the prevention of poisoning by pesticides, as well as through the provision and improvement of recreation for the population.

 The project is struggling with the contamination of land with pesticides, groundwater, and foodstuffs themselves (by trophic chains). The damage is caused to 1) people working in industries where the chemicals are used, 2) people living on agricultural land and suffering from air and water pollution, and 3) consumers that using low-quality products. Misuse of pesticides has a negative impact on human health, increases the risk of chronic and cancerous diseases, and even cause fatalities.

Rest and recreation. Integrated natural resources management is aimed not only at improving the conditions of agriculture practices but also to support the improvement of natural ecosystems in order to obtain cultural and ecosystem services. This is critically important in areas with high levels of ploughing.