Goal 6. Clean water and sanitation

Maintaining inland water from chemical pollution is key to preventing seawater pollution. It, therefore, combines goals 6 “Clean water and sanitation” and Goal 14 “Life below water”.

Prevention of contamination of land, groundwater, and food products with chemicals is possible through the optimization of crop rotation and improvement of soil cultivation methods. As a result, it will reduce the use of mineral fertilizers and chemical plant protection products.

Preventing water erosion facilitates to maintain soil cover and to improve soil infiltration. This contributes to the reduction of water pollution, the increase in moisture provision for plants, and the increase in groundwater levels.

Under the project, a test site with drip irrigation, one of the most effective and most efficient ways of using fresh water for agricultural needs, is established in the Kherson region.
Integrated natural resources management, by using forest plantations and bends, enables the improvement of the level and quality of natural reservoirs and groundwater, and initiates the process of agroecosystems self-cleaning.